Saturday, 27 July 2013

How to Track your sent Email using rightinbox

Saturday, July 27, 2013

          When we send email to our friends we have to wait for their response because when he receives that mail then he would send us reply. When the message is very urgent, waiting for that response makes some trouble for us.
Microsoft outlook has its solution. Emailing to someone, we can add an option to receive receipt when he receives that email but it’s up to him either he send that receipt or not.

How to Track your sent Email using rightinbox

The Right Solution for tracking sent email is available in the form of “rightinbox”. This is the extension for the web browsers and supports approx. all web browsers.
After installing it we can aware of sent email that when that email was seen by someone. After getting his response you can satisfy that email sent to that person has been seen.  

How to Track your sent Email using rightinbox

Tick the “Track” button appearing of the compose section. Moreover with this extension we can schedule the emails.

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