Friday, 26 July 2013

Top 10 Tips to Boost Battery Timing of Smartphones

Friday, July 26, 2013
Now a day, the world’s best international mobile companies are trying their best to offer the best smart phones ever. These Mobile phones have the powerful OS like IOS, Android, and Windows etc. Due to these OP the user can do a lot of work like; listen songs, play games and much more. 

This is the world of smartphones. It is the choice of everyone. Due to attractiveness and most amazing features of smartphones we like to buy it in no time. But the main question about all these smartphone is relevant to its battery life. Best OP like android, windows etc. have battery timing just about one day. After that we have to recharge it.

Top 10 Tips to Boost Battery Timing of Smartphones

Here we will learn how to increase battery Life of smartphone (Android, IOS , windows, Symbian)

Turn the vibration off

          In such places where the phone ringing is not appropriate, Silent mode is best so that you can aware of SMS, calls etc. but in such places where the ringing of phone is not bad, do not turn the vibration on Because it consume so much battery. It influence on the speaker. Also make the vibration off in touch and type.

smartphone vibration

Faint the Screen Light

Although the bright screen looks good to us but the use of bright light take much battery. If we have increased the screen light and we receive SMS and calls again and again the mobile phone battery consume very much. If we dim the screen light the battery life of smartphone will be lasting.

faint the screen light in smartphones

Make to Screen Timeout Duration little

         When we put the phone after using it, screen light become dimer and dimer and after some time it disappears. We should make the screen timeout duration less so that the battery life increases.

Turn the phone off in unnecessary duration

                Although it’s best way to save battery life of smartphones but is very difficult to get it. We should turn the smartphone off in unnecessary duration like in office, while sleeping etc.

Turn the phone off in unnecessary duration

Charge the battery properly

                If we talk about the battery charging there are two types of battery are being used in smartphones. (Li-Ion) Lithium ion and (NiCd) nickel cadmium.
The charging capacity of NiCd decrease on every charging although their life cycle is long. These batteries should be charged at the time when they are near to end. Li-Ion battery is lasting and these should be charges properly.

Turn Off the unnecessary applications

          Most of smartphone users bother to close the opened applications. Multitasking is available almost in all smartphones and we don’t close these applications when they are not being used and this is the main cause of less battery life.

Disable GPRS

          Some applications consume most battery then other apps. Specially the apps which uses the GPRS to find your location through the satellite. When you are not using this type of app and your GPRS is on It receives the signals from satellite and consume so much battery. Using the internet on smartphones is also the main cause of battery life.

disable GPRS

 Turn the Bluetooth, WIFI and 3G off

            Whenever your mobile phone search for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or 3G signals it directly effect the battery life because when the incoming signals becomes less stronger then it scan more powerfully to search for better signals.
The goal is to when you are not using to WIFI or Bluetooth turn it off. Turn in on whenever you want to connect it.

Turn the notification off

                Notifications come in abundantly when you connect internet via your smartphone. Sometimes notification of SMS, MMS, and new update received in your phone. You should turn those off to save your phone battery.

Save phone from heat

          It might be possible you didn’t notice that when your smartphone become hot, its battery consume rapidly. So if you want the better performance of your smartphone battery you should keep away your phone from direct heat. 


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