Friday, 5 April 2013

DNA the biological storage device can store 2.2 peta byte data in one gram !!!

Friday, April 05, 2013
Now data can be stored in DNA. It seems odd in listening but it’s true that documents, movies, music files and all things that computer hard disk can store DNA can also store these things.

The concept of storing data in DNA

The researchers of European Bio information institute, England show the successful practical implementation of storing the common computer files in DNA. They said that DNA will take place of today’s storage devices as a biological storage device.
The ability of storing data in DNA is more than 1000 times greater than the storage devices used by us today. The concept of storing data in DNA is not so new although the price of synthesizing and sequences are too expensive that a common man cannot imagine storing his/her data in DNA.

DNA vs local storage Devices

The storage devices we are using today have very qualities as well as very errors. These cannot store data for a long period of time. Especially the magnetic storage media has a few live for storing data. If data would exist in few years then the storage format are changing rapidly that no one knows what would be new storage format in the future.
What can be stored in DNA?

The researchers have successfully implemented the mp3 files, the pdf file, and image format JPEG into DNA by encoding them. The capacity of DNA to storing data in it is 2.2 peta bytes in one gram. Recently the professor of Hardwood University has stored a book in DNA. The all data available on internet website mega upload is 28 peta byte. It can be stored in just only 11 grams of DNA.

The process of storing data in DNA

According to the project director gold man, the researchers have developed a new software that changes the binary data (0,1) into sexual word A, T, G and C. along with this software also take care that the words would not overlap with CC and AA otherwise that data would be corrupt. Files are separated into small pieces and every piece has named a special index that tells the location of that piece.
Gold man has predicted that the cost of storing data in DNA per Mb is 12400 $ and 220$ would be charged for reading that data in DNA. Obviously this is very high amount a common man can just imagine to store his data in DNA.


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